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Over on the right there’s now a link to a photo album containing several icons by Daniel Nichols. Right now there are only three–more to come.

Maclin Horton

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UPDATE #2: If you scroll way down in the comments on the Church Renewal thread linked below–like 150 comments or so–as of right now, app. 9:30 CDT, it’s near the end–there is a great post by Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News which could have come straight out of CetT.

Thanks to the reader who noted that the Adam Smith link was wrong. It’s fixed now.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see something on Amy Wellborn’s blog, Open Book, to which I consider posting a link here. I usually don’t do it, partly on the grounds that I figure a lot of C&T readers are also Open Book readers. But there are two discussions going on there now which I think are particularly apropos:

The Next Pope and Adam Smith. You can guess the drift of this one, I think, and there is a lively discussion going on, although as so often happens when this subject comes up there is a tendency for the anti-capitalist side to dwell on abstractions and for the pro-capitalist side to minimize the serious problems of capitalism-as-we-know-it. (Exhibit A: the entertainment industry.)

Did Church Renewal Happen? During the papacy of John Paul II, that is. How to reconcile the glory of  the pope’s thought and personal witness with the unsatisfactory state of Catholic life in general? My opinion: renewal began. It has quite a long way to go.

Maclin Horton

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