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Essays by Tom Storck

Former C&T contributor (and behind-the-scenes mainstay) Thomas (Tom) Storck sends a link to several of his essays . The first one, "Ideology as Religion" is about the very clear and present danger (for American Catholics, at least–I don’t know about others) of letting one’s political ideology predominate over one’s Catholic orthodoxy.

For many years, whenever anyone would tell me that he was a conservative Catholic, I would generally reply, "No, don’t say conservative, say orthodox.
We’re orthodox, not conservative." But just lately I have come to
realize that I was wrong. Very many of those people who describe
themselves as conservative Catholics are in fact conservative
Catholics. That is, although to some extent they may be orthodox, their
religious faith, to a greater or lesser degree, is a function of a
socio-cultural ideology. It is not their primary loyalty. It is
derivative. (click here for the whole essay)

Tom goes on to observe (among other things) that the opposite of "orthodox" is not "liberal", it’s "heretical." Quite so, although for my part I often find myself using "liberal" this way because I can’t quite bring myself to call people heretics except for very flagrant denials of indisputably core elements of the Faith (e.g. the Trinity).

Several other essays by Tom follow this one. I haven’t read them but the last two appeared in C&T and I remember particularly liking the one about Old Western Man.

Maclin Horton


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