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A ’60s Conversion Story

Since we’re on the (inevitable) subject of the ’60s: here’s my conversion story , written back in the early ’80s, which describes my hippie-to-Catholic journey. This is the source of the Byrds/Dylan reference to which Daniel refers in a comment on the ’60s thread below.

Although, as I note in an epilogue written last summer, I might change some details of it if I were writing it now, it still represents my views pretty well on both the personal and cultural levels. Wish I could say something more positive about my current relationship with the Church, but at least I’m still here, and I ain’t goin’ nowhere (what’s that from?).

Maclin Horton

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A Good Word for the ’60s

Despite the argument (which by the way has been going on for years) between Daniel & me about the meaning & impact of the  "the ’60s" (that somewhat amorphous concept)–see comments on Sunday Night Journal post below–I’ve always thought he summed up the whole thing very well once in an off-the-cuff remark: "It was a moment of grace that was quickly squashed by the devil."

I don’t know if there’s any overlap between the readership of this blog and that of The Dawn Patrol , the blog of Dawn Eden, an evangelical Christian who should be in contention for the title of World’s Greatest Punster. It’s one of my two or three must-reads. Today certain events have led to her posting a link to a brief interview with her which is excellent evidence for the existence of the moment described by Daniel. Notice: the interview is on a distinctly non-, if not anti-, Christian site.

I direct your attention particularly to section 1 of the interview in which Dawn (I almost said "Ms. Patrol") describes the role of mid-’60s pop music in her embrace of Christianity. There was definitely, to coin a phrase, something in the air. Interestingly, by the way, she considers the radiant moment to have ended in (I think) 1965. Perhaps more interestingly, she wasn’t there. She’s in her thirties and was born sometime around the end of what one must pedantically concede to have been the actual calendrical ’60s.

Maclin Horton

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Sunday Night Journal 2/1/05

Folly Chasing Death

One last note on the general lack of repentance on the part of
the cultural revolutionaries of the late ‘60s, after which
I plan to leave the subject alone for a while: I haven’t
yet mentioned the evangelization for drug use that was as
prominent in its time as the sexual revolution….. (read the whole thing )

Maclin Horton

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